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Here is the Yeard

yeard6Terminalbeard (of recently shared some fascinating thoughts and measurements after a full year of unrestricted facial hair growth at his internet blog.  He has not limited his quest for terminal length solely to whiskers, however; TB began his journey twelve months ago with a completely blank canvas: head, chin, even eyebrows.  The resulting growth measurements will surely prove useful to research here, at The Center for Beard Related Studies, but we imagine that, as TB’s fieldwork progresses, the rest of the scientific and academic community will take note.  To read more of the journey, and see the measured results for yourself, please head over to Terminalbeard’s Here is the Yeard.  Beard on, indeed.


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The Beard and Virtue via The Catholic Dormitory

catholic dormitory graphic

The Hound has published some especially well-executed research and insightful interpretation on both the modern physiognomy and historical significance of beard growth over at The Catholic Dormitory.  We highly recommend the read to all The Center’s students and faculty, but claim neither affiliation nor endorsement of any religious content printed therein in any official capacity.  Theological inclinations notwithstanding, we find this portion, in particular, provides a quite thoughtful glimpse into the struggle all Beardivists face at one time or another:

The solution is to grow a beard if you believe it is what God is calling you to do. Look at your life and say, “will facial hair help me in a virtues life?  or will it scandalize those around me and lead them away from the light of Christ? if my beard is not so glorious will it increase my humility? or if my beard is glorious will it fill my pride?”

Please do read on at The Hound’s The Beard and Virtue.


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The Trifold Path of Beardivism

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My Dear Beardivist Acolytes,

As the leaves in the trees begin to turn and the wind blows promise of cooler weather on the way, there comes a time at the beginning of every fall semester when we at The Center for Beard Related Studies find it necessary to review The Path for our newest initiates.  The lessons of the coming school year will be, without a doubt, numerous and complex, but the following are the most essential of tenants to our teachings.  In the absence of all else that you shall learn here, remember only The Path:

Resolve without Tyranny

What one has not resolved to do, one cannot celebrate when done.  What one cannot do without tyranny, one cannot celebrate at all.  Walking the righteous path requires power over oneself, but not power over others.  Though you do not demand the approval or acceptance of others in your Bearding, you do Beard despite their advice or judgement.

Patience without Apathy

It is the patient Beardivist who finds his reward daily in modest progress and who thus accomplishes great strides by small steps. Apathy is the great enemy of patience, for both the patient and impatient alike may follow The Path, while those who do not care, wander and are lost.  Beard without haste, but do not allow leisure to beget complacence.

Humility without Self-deprecation

The humble Beardivist does not overestimate his worth, for in doing so, he denies himself the opportunity to improve; and yet, self-deprecation does as much harm as arrogance.  To deceive oneself about one’s place is to obscure the view of one’s destination.  Your beard, as is the beard of everyman, is unique to your chin but also the same; rejoice in your brotherhood but celebrate your individuality.

With my most resolved, patient, and humble enthusiasm, I do welcome you, Class of 2017.

Yours always,

HJ Whiskersmith

Associate Dean of Communications
The Center for Beard Related Studies and

Dictated.  Not Read.

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Welcome to Beardlandia

Notwithstanding the controversial gender ponderings that wrap up Ekow Eshun’s Welcome to Beardlandia (published Esquire, September 2012), any reader diligent enough to make the hike through his menagerie of socioeconomic and cultural twistings will undoubtedly be rewarded with insightful hirsute morsels such as this:

Rather [facial hair is] about embracing contradiction: eschewing the excesses of consumer society without abandoning modernity; enjoying the rural while delighting in the urban; acknowledging the flaws of 21st century life without insisting things were better in the old days. Much of that attitude springs from a desire to stay relevant and in touch as the years tick by. Every generation faces the dilemma of how to grow older while still staying young in spirit.

Eshun’s is quite an interesting and thoroughly researched article, so much so that it is under consideration by the High Council for required reading in the coming semester.  Get a potential jump on your studies now at Welcome to Beardlandia.

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To beard, or not to beard…

Trit at The Aspiring Gentleman shares a wonderfully composed dissertation on the cultural history and present social impacts of the beard, replete with references to Celts, Canadians, and curmudgeons. We have already printed and distributed several hundred copies about The Center for Beard Related Studies campus and the general consensus has been fairly positive.  This passage in particular resonated most strongly with several on the Council: “A beard, in my opinion, is to be well-maintained and act as a demonstration of respect towards one’s self and others.”  

Our one small, humble correction to this scholarly article would be to re-voice certain portions that seem to imply the beard was dead and is now risen again (by the hands of hipsters, no less).  This is certainly not the case.  For although Bearding may have fallen out of favor in some circles, it has not at any time been wanting of disciples.  We at The Center have seen to that.

Please click here to read Trit’s excellent article.

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The Surgery Beard

An homage shared with us by the great minds over at Literature and Libation:

Even the boldest men get nervous before surgery. The flurry of unknowns, the potential mishaps, the inevitable pain and discomfort all linger on the periphery of your consciousness, sucker-punching you with doubt when you least expect and least need it. Continue reading

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Robert J. Pellegrini in Psychology, Volume 10, No. 1

Via All About Beards,

Psychologist Robert J. Pellegrini reported in Psychology, 1973, Volume 10, No. 1, the results of an experiment on the perception of male personality as a function of varying states of beardedness. To carry out the experiment, Pellegrini hired eight full-bearded young men who were willing to have their beards fully shaved off for a payment of ten dollars. All of the full-bearded men were caucasians. Their ages ranged from 22 to 25 years.

Continue reading

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