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LOW: On Celebrities and Politicians

celebrities and politicians both kind of stink and Margaret Thatcher slips a nip beard comic

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November , 2013 · am

Beard of Action: Rick Grimes

it is the beard who shall lead thee rick grimes walking dead beard
The post-apocalyptic everyman, Rick Grimes, gives all Beardivists an intimate, albeit marginally dramatized, glimpse into the social and moral adversity we face on a day-to-day basis, and the devastating toll it wreaks on the irresolute or unprincipaled among us.  Though beleaguered by misanthropes and besieged by miscreations, Grimes’ bristly lodestar guides him and his companions tirelessly and chin-first through worldwide cataclysm and devastating psychological trauma.  If not for his itchy bastion of seemingly obsolete values, we have no doubt that this last beacon of humanity would have been speedily and summarily extinguished.  For his remarkable leadership in times of great peril, we hereby name Rick Grimes an end-of-the-world Beard of Action.

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LOW: On Intelligence and Wisdom

wisdom is the will to apply intelligence for the benefit of mankind and also celebrities might be robots beard comic

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March , 2013 · am


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March , 2013 · pm

And the award goes to…



clooney 2



other guy 2

other guy


star trek guy

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Better with a Beard

Jeff Bridges

If you require proof of the aesthetic superiority of our chosen lifestyle (in addition to the philosophical advantages contained within our pages), look no further than betterwithabeard.tumblr.com.

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December , 2012 · pm