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LOW: On Fashion

shopping at the mall is the worst torture in the world beard comics fashion

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February , 2013 · am

LOW: Sausage Fest

Yonic by Nature bearded woman beard comic

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January , 2013 · am

“Beardivism is a misnomer arising from a confusion of correlation and causation. Belief begets beard, not the other way around.”


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Jettisoned Blessings and Wayward Projections

Though it strays from traditional eulogic format, Oliver’s canonization of his late growth over at Literature and Libation is a touching memorial to what must have been a cherished beard.  Invoking bristle-lore from pirates to Plato along the way, Oliver celebrates and relives the memories shared, instead of dwelling on the dark demise of his woolen companion. Continue reading


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unBeard of Action: E.J. Bones

Beardivists are prone to the occasional hyperbole when it comes to the strength, wisdom and courage a beard, at times, demands or symbolizes.  Though we proclaim beards as an outward manifestation of such virtues, they play no intrinsic role in creating them.  Regardless of what revered symbolism we may attach, a whisker, or the absence thereof, is just a whisker.

All pretense aside: strength, wisdom and courage are up to you, not your chin.

Read on at EJB’s blog to find your proof:
The Bearded (Relatively Attractive If You Like Them Squidgy) Woman.

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