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Here is the Yeard

yeard6Terminalbeard (of terminalbeard.wordpress.com) recently shared some fascinating thoughts and measurements after a full year of unrestricted facial hair growth at his internet blog.  He has not limited his quest for terminal length solely to whiskers, however; TB began his journey twelve months ago with a completely blank canvas: head, chin, even eyebrows.  The resulting growth measurements will surely prove useful to research here, at The Center for Beard Related Studies, but we imagine that, as TB’s fieldwork progresses, the rest of the scientific and academic community will take note.  To read more of the journey, and see the measured results for yourself, please head over to Terminalbeard’s Here is the Yeard.  Beard on, indeed.


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The Beards of Ministry

Our thanks goes to the great minds at Out of Ur for this infographical contribution to the archives at The Center for Beard Related Studies:


via Out of Ur

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The Surgery Beard

An homage shared with us by the great minds over at Literature and Libation:

Even the boldest men get nervous before surgery. The flurry of unknowns, the potential mishaps, the inevitable pain and discomfort all linger on the periphery of your consciousness, sucker-punching you with doubt when you least expect and least need it. Continue reading

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Beards: The Forgotten Art

Stephan at Peekdish shares his poignant observations of the beard and modern culture in a recent article.  Without wishing to cut short his thesis, we found this passage especially Beardivist:

What better way is there to define yourself, than by growing a beard that nobody else could possibly replicate. That is the beauty of the beard; like snowflakes and fingerprints, no two beards are the same.

Read on at The Forgotten Art.

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The Winter of The Beard

Via The Winter of The Beard and Vimeo

In November of 2005 nine men ceased shaving and went about their daily lives.  The only rule was that the men could not trim any hair growing on their faces and neck, and they were to film themselves at least one hour a week.  During the winter, one man’s father faced the last few months of his life, passing on just after the film was finished.  One man’s wife stopped sleeping with him.  One man’s wife gave birth.  And life happened.

Full Documentary:

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Hirsute issue urgent advice for beard wearers on snow, snowmen & snowballs

A timely bulletin for beards in the Northern Hemisphere, courtesy of the Beard Liberation Front.

Kmflett's Blog

Beard Liberation Front

PRESS RELEASE  12th January

Contact Keith Flett      07803 167266


The Beard Liberation Front, the informal network of beard wearers, has issued important advice for the hirsute in the light of forecast  significant snowfalls in some areas of the UK

The BLF says that it is essential to keep the beard protected from snow. The best way to do this is by staying indoors and away from possible contact with snow.

However if venturing out in the snow, the following guidelines should be followed:-

 1] Protect the beard in its entirety with a scarf

2] Sweep any drifting snow from the beard on a regular basis

3] Avoid contact of the beard with snowballs which may cause the beard to become snowlogged

4] If building a snowperson remember that a male gender snowperson should have a beard

5] If…

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A Call to Action

Dearest Beardivists,

We bandy about the concept of bearded activism quite safely within the confines of our pages here.  We may pay tribute to Beards of Action, study The Proverbs, and laugh at the (ped)antics of  The League of Whiskers, but these are passive, self-serving pursuits.  Let us not, as Beardivists, forget the founding purpose of The Center for Beard Related Studies.  We are here for the advancement of the beard not simply through appreciation, but also through active enrichment of the world we inhabit.

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