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LOW: On the One Percent

Just because the one percent is inevitable doesn't mean you should be a d!ck about it.  One percent net worth pareto economics income gap beard comic hurk.

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November , 2013 · am

LOW: On Celebrities and Politicians

celebrities and politicians both kind of stink and Margaret Thatcher slips a nip beard comic

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November , 2013 · am

LOW: On the Opportunity Cost of Governance

the opportunity cost of government as explained by bastiat beard comics robot overlords in office

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May , 2013 · am

LOW: Lessons Learned at the CNN Peanut Gallery

the stupid things people say on news blogs in the comments section beard comic

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April , 2013 · am

LOW: On Democracy’s Problem

how politics are like financial markets and also hungry hungry hippos beard comic

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March , 2013 · am

Beard of Action: Aristotle


“No great genius has ever existed without some touch of madness.”

Even two millennia after his death, Aristotle’s influence and groundwork can be found in every corner of the academic and artistic arenas.  There were no contemporary subjects, and few founded later, that still stand undisturbed  by this tempest of thoughts, treatises and whiskers.  Bertrand Russell (beardless, here quoted for purely demonstrative purposes) once famously wrote: “almost every serious intellectual advance has had to begin with an attack on some Aristotelian doctrine”.  For his great contribution to all things, bearded and otherwise, we hereby declare Aristotle a truly hexis-tic Beard of Action.

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A Call to Action

Dearest Beardivists,

We bandy about the concept of bearded activism quite safely within the confines of our pages here.  We may pay tribute to Beards of Action, study The Proverbs, and laugh at the (ped)antics of  The League of Whiskers, but these are passive, self-serving pursuits.  Let us not, as Beardivists, forget the founding purpose of The Center for Beard Related Studies.  We are here for the advancement of the beard not simply through appreciation, but also through active enrichment of the world we inhabit.

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