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Chin-centric tales from around the world.

Here is the Yeard

yeard6Terminalbeard (of recently shared some fascinating thoughts and measurements after a full year of unrestricted facial hair growth at his internet blog.  He has not limited his quest for terminal length solely to whiskers, however; TB began his journey twelve months ago with a completely blank canvas: head, chin, even eyebrows.  The resulting growth measurements will surely prove useful to research here, at The Center for Beard Related Studies, but we imagine that, as TB’s fieldwork progresses, the rest of the scientific and academic community will take note.  To read more of the journey, and see the measured results for yourself, please head over to Terminalbeard’s Here is the Yeard.  Beard on, indeed.


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Why the World Beard Moustache Championships can encourage pogonophobia (via kmflett)


As always, Keith Flett (founder of the Beard Liberation Front) has some insightful, though somewhat controversial, thoughts to share.  We at The Center for Beard Related Studies are, of course, always wary of the chin-centric fetishism that does crop up now and then within our halls and we are quick to correct the behavior.  But then again, we must also admit that we do enjoy indulging in the occasional whiskery fireworks display (photo above provided for demonstrative purposes).  Undoubtedly, the potential social perversion to which Flett refers can be avoided with appropriate public education and awareness.  We at The Center for Beard Related Studies are happy to oblige.

Read on at Kmflett’s blog.

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Top Entries at the 2013 Beard and Mustache Championships

A taste:

mymodernmetFor more hirsute morsels, check out My Modern Met’s coverage of the event.

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September , 2013 · am

Why Every Man Needs a Beard

Though we detect that portions of this public service announcement may be delivered somewhat tongue-in-cheek, we find it to be an entertaining, albeit quick, film:


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September , 2013 · am

DIY LOW website now in beta testing

DIY screenshot

My Dear Beardivists,

Although the League of Whiskers has always self-published their completely factual minutes, they have advised The Center for Beard Related Studies of their intention to expand the archives to allegorical, and even comic, entries.

To this end, dear reader, they are asking for your help in expanding the Beardivism registry with your own iterations of the League of Whiskers’ exploits. Furthermore, I am proud to announce that we now have in beta testing an interactive online form for accomplishing exactly this!

Should you have any questions or concerns on the matter, close your eyes, stroke your chin three times and ask via email.

Yours truly,

HJ Whiskersmith

Associate Dean of Communications
The Center for Beard Related Studies and

Dictated.  Not Read.

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Alumni Badges

My dear Bearivist,

For all its anonymity and democracy, the Internets can be a difficult medium for expressing a pogonologic proclivity.  As Beardivists, we are rarely inclined to much affectation or boasting; and thus our whiskers, which in the corporeal world are unmistakable, do at times go unnoticed by the online community.  I am happy to report that the great minds at The Center for Beard Related Studies have devised a way around this unfortunate obstacle.   Continue reading

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The Holborn Guide

The London-born Holborn Mag has recently published an excellent guide for the Yet-To-Beard, replete with relevant citations and illustrations, at their Internet blog.  We heartily recommend a read through their entertaining musings on popular culture as well as the accompanying step-by-step.  Our sole quibble is with the time period quoted for proper beard growth as ‘six weeks’.  Many Beardivists are known to sprout a cubit or more in as little as an afternoon, with very limited practice.  Still, we understand this is an article written with beginners in mind.

Venture on to How to go About Growing a Beard.

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