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Mr. Incredibeard: Metaphysical Manscaper

mr incredibeard is a beard of action in the making

Feed your eyes at Mr. Incredibeard’s Tumblr.

Feed your soul at his Water for Children Charity.

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December , 2013 · am

Why the World Beard Moustache Championships can encourage pogonophobia (via kmflett)


As always, Keith Flett (founder of the Beard Liberation Front) has some insightful, though somewhat controversial, thoughts to share.  We at The Center for Beard Related Studies are, of course, always wary of the chin-centric fetishism that does crop up now and then within our halls and we are quick to correct the behavior.  But then again, we must also admit that we do enjoy indulging in the occasional whiskery fireworks display (photo above provided for demonstrative purposes).  Undoubtedly, the potential social perversion to which Flett refers can be avoided with appropriate public education and awareness.  We at The Center for Beard Related Studies are happy to oblige.

Read on at Kmflett’s blog.

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In Defiance of Gravity


Eva shares some candid shots of Winnipeg’s celebrity-beardivist-enchanter and his first place beard  at her blog, Eva Was Here.  Stunning.

Via My Beardyman.

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And the award goes to…



clooney 2



other guy 2

other guy


star trek guy

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The Romantic’s Beard

emma illusion

Verily, here is a beard befitting of Samuel Taylor Coleridge himself, had a life of opiates and a childhood bout with rheumatic fever not rendered it impossible.

Image credited to Emma Illusion

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February , 2013 · pm

Ryan Bolton at Ryan Bolton’s Notes shares some poignant musings on the Beard in pop culture in a recent post. Despite our qualms with his claims of “resurgence”, we shall nonetheless archive the entry as an excellent example of hirsute sociological analysis.

Ryan Bolton.

by RYAN BOLTON, originally published in Chill Magazine

Gentleman, facial hair is here to stay. Why? Well, in part, because celebrities made them cool again. (Read: George Clooney and his salt-and-pepper moneymaker and even Brad Pitt and that odd billy goat thing he was rocking). And, let’s admit it, we can be a little lazy at times, shaving every day sucks and it’s cold outside. There’s been a welcomed resurgence in the everyday stubble (thank you, Gosling). The mustache has its own dedicated month (thank you, Movember). And, not to forget, the classic beard popping up on A-listers all over the red carpet. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment of the resurgence, but while there won’t be any playoff beards (single tear) we still have Zach Galifianakis to keep our spirits high and our faces warm for these winter months.

Ryan Gosling beardRyan Gosling and the Pretty Boy Beard

Gosling is…

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The Daily Beard

thedailybeardDOTnet two

We found you, The Daily Beard.  And you are magnificent.

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January , 2013 · pm