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Dearest Internet Traveler,

Welcome to The Center for Beard Related Studies’ online portal.  Herein you shall find a veritable pogonologic playground, a vast and growing archive of all things hirsute.  It is a nexus, a loom and a tapestry that we call Beardivism.

You may navigate the library via links provided at the top of every page.  At the Learn portal, you shall find our collected proverbs, our venerated Beards of Action and various articles of academic merit.  The Live section provides current insights into the Bearded world as well as practical advice on everything from care for your chinlings to care for your children.

The League of Whiskers are a somewhat eccentric minority at The Center, yet their commentary is accessible here in a storyboard format.  We do strive to provide a voice for all of Beardom.  Finally you shall find the Gear’d gift shop and some additional links providing background and contact information, should you need it.

One final note on sharing: we are dedicated to enriching the Bearded world through our archives and we encourage you to share anything you like with anyone who you think might benefit from its insight.  We ask only that you cite your sources so that your own audience might also discover the archives and learn what it is that their chins have been craving.

Please enjoy your time researching here.  Click here to proceed to the Archives.


HJ Whiskersmith

Associate Dean of Communications
The Center for Bear Related Studies and Beardivism.com

Dictated.  Not read.