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Growth of Beard is but an excess of soul.

Mr. Incredibeard: Metaphysical Manscaper

mr incredibeard is a beard of action in the making

Feed your eyes at Mr. Incredibeard’s Tumblr.

Feed your soul at his Water for Children Charity.

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December , 2013 · am

Top Entries at the 2013 Beard and Mustache Championships

A taste:

mymodernmetFor more hirsute morsels, check out My Modern Met’s coverage of the event.

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September , 2013 · am

The Manly Main Man-Mane!

Mr. Incredibeard has done it once again.  As always, one finds a wealth of photos and how-to information at his website.  Eye protection recommended.

Via The Manly Main Man-Mane!.

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In Defiance of Gravity


Eva shares some candid shots of Winnipeg’s celebrity-beardivist-enchanter and his first place beard  at her blog, Eva Was Here.  Stunning.

Via My Beardyman.

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Whitman beard proverb picture growth of beard is but an excess of soul


February , 2013 · pm

And the award goes to…



clooney 2



other guy 2

other guy


star trek guy

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The Romantic’s Beard

emma illusion

Verily, here is a beard befitting of Samuel Taylor Coleridge himself, had a life of opiates and a childhood bout with rheumatic fever not rendered it impossible.

Image credited to Emma Illusion

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February , 2013 · pm