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clooney 2



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other guy


star trek guy

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The Holborn Guide

The London-born Holborn Mag has recently published an excellent guide for the Yet-To-Beard, replete with relevant citations and illustrations, at their Internet blog.  We heartily recommend a read through their entertaining musings on popular culture as well as the accompanying step-by-step.  Our sole quibble is with the time period quoted for proper beard growth as ‘six weeks’.  Many Beardivists are known to sprout a cubit or more in as little as an afternoon, with very limited practice.  Still, we understand this is an article written with beginners in mind.

Venture on to How to go About Growing a Beard.

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LOW: Liberating Art

free art through social networking art industry beard comic

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February , 2013 · am

Ryan Bolton at Ryan Bolton’s Notes shares some poignant musings on the Beard in pop culture in a recent post. Despite our qualms with his claims of “resurgence”, we shall nonetheless archive the entry as an excellent example of hirsute sociological analysis.

Ryan Bolton.

by RYAN BOLTON, originally published in Chill Magazine

Gentleman, facial hair is here to stay. Why? Well, in part, because celebrities made them cool again. (Read: George Clooney and his salt-and-pepper moneymaker and even Brad Pitt and that odd billy goat thing he was rocking). And, let’s admit it, we can be a little lazy at times, shaving every day sucks and it’s cold outside. There’s been a welcomed resurgence in the everyday stubble (thank you, Gosling). The mustache has its own dedicated month (thank you, Movember). And, not to forget, the classic beard popping up on A-listers all over the red carpet. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment of the resurgence, but while there won’t be any playoff beards (single tear) we still have Zach Galifianakis to keep our spirits high and our faces warm for these winter months.

Ryan Gosling beardRyan Gosling and the Pretty Boy Beard

Gosling is…

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Beard of Action: Obi-Wan Kenobi

disturbance in the beard
Few floccose figures have embodied the understanding of metaphysical balance Beardivism strives to achieve as fully as Obi-Wan Kenobi.  In addition to countless and much-celebrated earthly accomplishments, Kenobi transcended even the shackles fettering most mortals to the dimensions traditionally recognized by science, in order to guide his ward Skywalker down the path of good.  For his  archetypal spirituality, we name Obi-Wan Kenobi an intergalactic Beard of Action.


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The Bearded on Tumblr


Herpetologically inclined Beardivists may breathe a sigh of relief; someone now answers your prayers.  Tumblr site The Bearded has collated volumes of pogonographic content of only the highest quality for the world’s browsing pleasure at thebearded.tumblr.com.

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January , 2013 · pm

Beard of Action: Osbert Snarf



As both au pair and mentor to Lion-O, the Lord of the Thundercats, all of Third Earth owes a debt of gratitude to Snarf’s wise guidance.  Though it may not have been his stroke which felled the terrible reign of Mumm-Ra, it was Snarf’s foresight and training which made salvation possible.  For his tremendous display of heroic virtues, we rightly bestow upon Snarf the title Beard of Action.

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