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Wherever the oppression of bare-lipped sneers threaten the sovereignty of a chin,
wherever the strand that binds man to nature is strained,
wherever history is trimmed to satisfy the whims of the trimmer, we will be there.
We are the whisker that will not be plucked.
We are Beardivism.

Not to be confused with beardism, Beardivism is the metaphysic offspring of The Center for Beard Related Studies, a real institution dedicated to the advancement of the beard socially, spiritually and intellectually.  The term Beradivism is a portmanteau of beard and activism; with it we imply not just appreciation, but also active enrichment.  If you find your own whiskers resonating with our teachings, please help us spread the good word of Beardivism to those who know not what their chins are craving.

Proudly display your own Beardivism alumni badge wherever HTML can be pasted (ours is in a regular text widget in the sidebar):

<p style="text-align: center;"><a href="http://beardivism.com/welcome" target="_blank"><img alt="Beardivism Alumni Badge" src="https://beardivism.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/alumni-badge2-e1361563601714.png" width="150" height="151" /></a></p>

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