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Because asking the nearest octogenarian for directions to the local haberdashery isn’t always an option.

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Gear’d: Captain Fawcett (CF.332) Private Stock Beard Oil

capt fawcett

With recipes purportedly deciphered from the travel journals of a Captain Peabody Fawcett (unrelated, we hope, to famed Nietzschean eugenicist Lt. Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett), the modern eponymous firm Captain Fawcett Ltd. has developed an array of chin-centric products for today’s gentleman.  We have been recently using Captain Fawcett’s Beard Oil, and must say that the results have been favorable, indeed.

Though, in application, Captain Fawcett’s Beard Oil operates identically to the many others that we have, at one time or another, applied to our face-nethers, it has found its way into our morning sundries rotation.  Captain Fawcett’s oil provides a close enough so as to be practically equal amount of sheen and moisturizing to others we have tried, and bestows, despite our always high hopes, no preternatural growth or abilities, and yet we do find ourselves favoring this precious bottle.  Why, you ask.  Because Captain Fawcett’s Beard Oil smells extraordinary.

Exotic, yet refined, the aromas of patchouli, lemongrass, and cedar linger throughout the day, whispering –not shouting– suggestions of distant dirt-floor markets and unknown shores.  Without overpowering, the way some colognes will, Captain Fawcett Beard Oil’s subtle fragrance remains on the delicate side of the spectrum, more suitable for slacks than denim.  However, the spell this oil casts is potent enough to make even us consider purchasing a set of khakis and taking up adventuring for ourselves, were it not for the sudden and marked escalation of swooning women to occupy us at the present.

If you would like to try a beard salve that’s slightly off the beaten path, we can happily recommend giving Captain Fawcett’s Private Stock Beard Oil a try.

See Captain Fawcett’s website for more details on ordering and other bespoke products.

Captain Fawcett’s informational film on You Tube


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Gear’d: BRD Euro Sticker

Let the world know that you, too, pursue physical perfection (of the soul).

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Gear’d: Brooklyn Grooming Beard Oil

will-beard-new_grandeWe know not whether credit goes to the oil of Jojoba, Seasame, Hempseed, or Argan (or the expert alchemistic blending of the four), but something in Brooklyn Grooming’s beard oil has had quite a positive affect on our countenance–and our confidence–as of late.  Not only does BG’s beard oil restore a healthy luster to one’s whiskers, it also moisturizes the scalp beneath them, eliminating flaky dander and thereby allowing the user to wear dark shirts without fear, once again.  Application to achieve a better face is startlingly simple:

After a shower or while beard is damp, apply several drops to the palm of your hand (amounts vary based on beard fullness, length and hair texture) then rub into the body of the beard, taking care to fully coat the beard from skin to end.

Your choice of four unique scent personalities ensures you’ll impress olfactorily as well as visually (we’ve been using Williamsburg shown above, though Red Hook, Fort Greene and Commando all sound intriguing).  If you’ve been left wondering what to do with the portion of your medicine cabinet or morning routine normally reserved for aftershave, we heartily recommend giving Brooklyn Grooming a look.

Also Available: Beard Balm (same as the line of oils with the addition of beeswax) and other grooming sundries

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Gear’d: A Just Beard

Because clarification is sometimes necessary.


April , 2013 · am

Gear’d: “Shave not, want not.” t-shirt

Now you can spread the good word and look dapper, simultaneously!

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Gear’d: Beardivism Trucker Hat

If your chin leaves any room for doubt, emblazon your head with the Beardivism emblem.

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Gear’d: Beardivism Mug

Greet each day with proverbial wisdom.

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