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“To be free requires cognizance of not just one’s unbeckoned volitions and appetites, but release from these constraints. And when you cast off your social and self-imposed burdens, you find and recognize, at your core, your most basic motivators and natural self. Even the most groomed beards reflect this primeval stuggle for freedom.”

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Rearing a Beardivist #12

When a young child asks “Father, who is in charge of Beardivism” he responds “Even you, child, hold the power of Beardivism.  To some, power is a zero sum game.  They believe that becoming more powerful implies reducing the power of others.  To the Beardivist, true power is a capacity to motivate, to influence without diminishing the influenced.  Mankind is just like so many whiskers.  Be the styling wax, child, not the shears.” If the child objects, persuade it.

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