Beards of Action: The Druids

druids rock beards. hard.Oft-quoted Druid saying: “Though thou shavest us, thus we do regrow in multiplicity.”

Not only did all Druids don beards as a reflection of their unity with nature [citation needed], but they are also commonly recognized as the originators of modern Halloween tradition.  Iron Age Celtic culture celebrated November 1st as their New Year, and according to the Druid religion, on the preceding night (October 31st), the spirits of all those who died the previous year would rise to search for passage to the underworld.  At this time, the veil between the living and the dead worlds was perilously-thin and Lord Samhain, The Lord of Darkness and Bare Cheeks, roamed the earth in search of souls to plunder and chins to shave.

Pope Gregory II, a hairless party-pooper if there ever was one, moved the christian holiday of ‘All Hallows Eve’ from May 13th to November 1st in an attempt to usurp the Druid holiday and its pagan celebration.  Although we do indeed now refer to October 31st as Halloween (from All Hallows Eve), and not The Feast of Lord Samhain, our modern traditions are very clearly sprouted from the original hirsute Druid celebration.  For their steadfast dedication and delicious candy peanuts, we do hereby declare the Druids truly creepy-in-a-fun-way Beards of Action.

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