Beard of Action: Kilgore Trout

Kilgore Trout

Though both profound and prolific, Kilgore Trout remained, throughout his career, an under-appreciated science-fiction visionary.  By some accounts, Trout penned 117 novels and over 2000 short stories that saw little commercial success or attention beyond a handful of select literary circles.  Despite the vast size of his catalog and the modest influence it had on contemporary writers, very little is known today of the details of Trout himself.  We do know, however, that he sported a fine, though unruly, beard (as depicted in the artist’s rendering above).

We will leave you with a surviving piece of wisdom attributed to this enigmatic Beard of Action that we think sheds a little light on the man and otherwise just sums things up rather nicely, in general: “Of course [life] is exhausting, having to reason all the time in a universe which wasn’t meant to be reasonable.”

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