On Perseverance

To call it easy to Beard is to diminish the accomplishments of all Great Chins; and yet an ingrown facility and ease is precisely what some proponents would lead you to believe.  To what ends, we cannot rightly say.

Perhaps the most vocal among us have forgotten the trials-in-ambush awaiting the Yet-To-Beard.  Perhaps the mightiest among us underestimate their own strength of character, and thus are not compelled to counsel new Beardlings.  Perhaps The Center for Beard Related Studies has not been vigilant enough in emphasizing the fleecy realities in store for the uninitiated.

What we can say, with absolute certainty, is that Bearding, like all worthwhile pursuits, is not without challenges.  You will itch.  You will get strange looks.  You will stop wearing black sweaters.  In your darkest hour, you will question your choice.

And then one bright day you will rise, and in performing your morning ritual, you shall see in the mirror not a reflection of Yourself-With-A-Beard, but a remembrance of hardships vanquished.  You gaze into the looking-glass to see your own woven badge of willpower: a downy loom of strength, patience, and whiskers.  In this moment you convene with greatness.  In this moment, you finally Beard.

Perseverance is persistence towards an aspired goal; obstacles are but the sweetener of your victory toast.


If you have a moment to spare, please lend some words of encouragement to Frank over at Growing a Beard (Is a Terrible Experience) Weeks 1-2.

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