A Call to Action

Dearest Beardivists,

We bandy about the concept of bearded activism quite safely within the confines of our pages here.  We may pay tribute to Beards of Action, study The Proverbs, and laugh at the (ped)antics of  The League of Whiskers, but these are passive, self-serving pursuits.  Let us not, as Beardivists, forget the founding purpose of The Center for Beard Related Studies.  We are here for the advancement of the beard not simply through appreciation, but also through active enrichment of the world we inhabit.

To these ends we beseech you, dear reader, to consider The Beard Coach’s Obama Beard Petition.  Lest we tread on the author’s coat tails, here is the essence of the appeal:

Refuse to shave until you end the recession. Refuse to shave until our current conflicts have been resolved. Grow a beard, Mister President. Grow it to let your inner wisdom shine. Grow it to fulfill your promise of change. Grow it because it is the right thing to do.

Your own political views notwithstanding, take a moment to consider what this petition aims to accomplish.  It is not only the freedom of your chin hanging in the balance, but your chin’s children and your chin’s children’s chins.  For your chin’s children’s chin’s children’s chin’s sake, we ask that you consider this plea and, deeming it satisfactory and sound, champion it by whatever means you are able.  Social networking and other sharing icons are provided below.

Beardivists, we issue your call to action.  Together we can change the world:

The Obama Beard Petition

Yours truly,

HJ Whiskersmith

Assosciate Dean of Communications
The Center for Beard Related Studies

Dictated. Not read.

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