Manuary, we cannot officially endorse thee

From: Chambers of the High Council

Though Beardivists worldwide traditionally practice The Decembeard, a recent movement dubbed “Manuary” has started to gain social traction in Canada (despite the overt hocking of pseudo-beard apparati with which it associates itself).

Our official endorsement of the program would be tantamount to affirmation that beards require excuses.  We consider this logical implication to be utter nonsense and The Center for Beard Related Studies cannot, therefore, officially endorse Manuary.  Nevertheless, what fledges as a lark may still someday soar as a Phoenix and a good cause is a good cause, so neither will we oppose said movement in any official capacity.

The Guild of Sideburns was unavailable for comment at the time of this release.

Have a read at The Urban Daddy for more information:
First Movember, Now Manuary: Taking Men’s Health Seriously!.

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